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00-119 (2835-120LED-IP20-W) white

LED Strip, 120SMD (2835) / m, 12W / m, 1300Lm / m (1m)

  • Glow color: white
  • LED Type: smd 2835
  • Number of LEDs per 1m: 120
  • IP rating: ip20
  • Supply voltage: 12
  • Power consumption, W / m: 12
  • Weight g: fifteen

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Today,  00-119 LED strip is the most popular decorative source of lighting. The tape can be glued to any surface, cut or grow any length.
The use of such a backlight is possible without the involvement of expensive specialists. Using special adapters, you can mount a lighting device of any length. The tape is cut as convenient for the consumer, its parts are easily connected and brought to a power source.

Nom. number 9000513495
Manufacturer Apeyron Electrics
Glow color white
LED Type smd 2835
Number of LEDs per 1m 120
IP rating ip20
Supply voltage 12
Power consumption, W / m 12
Weight g fifteen

LED strip lights are an endless source of interior design ideas due to their wide range of colors, brightness, animations, and the ability to link together to provide light to any project. Besides the numerous advantages of LED lights themselves, such as extremely low power consumption, very long lifespan, eco-friendliness, durability and the low cost of maintenance.

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