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Element heating to the soldering iron ICON Pico

    • Weight g: 8


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Why 013100J Element heating to the soldering iron ICON Pico? A product from ERSA Soldering Tools but provided by Megatronika!


Nom. number 9000117673
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
Weight g 8

For the 013100J, the technological master plan of the i-CON nano assures that the optimal parameters are used for each application. Hereby the i-CON nano stands for highest process stability and quality control with regard to low investment costs and operation expenses. In addition to this the automatic stand-by and shutdown function provide for energy savings and an in-creased tip lifetime

  • 3 fixed temperature settings
  • Selectable energy functions
  • Password lockout function
  • Shut down time saves energy and increases tip life

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