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06-0168-A (14-0202-01)

adapter socket 3.5mm stereo plug 6.3mm stereo

  • Type of execution: straight
  • First connector: 3.5 stereo
  • Second connector: 6.35 stereo
  • Weight g: thirteen

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06-0168-A (14-0202-01), is the durable adapter ensures strong signal to keep sound clear, enjoying your music world without noise interference.

Wide application: Headphone jack adapter can be applied to electric pianos, guitars and other instruments, mixers, specialist audios, speakers, microphones, phones, MP3 players, etc. In addition to this, Earphone adapter can be also applied to most pro audio and home audio equipment, such as amplifiers, mixing console, home theater devices, amplifiers or AV receivers.

Nom. number 9000219365
Manufacturer China
Type of execution straight
First connector 3.5 stereo
Second connector 6.35 stereo
Weight g thirteen

Enjoy the non-stop music with high potential adapter pin. Moreover Not only this but it is rust proof and can be fit in port nicely. For the huge ampere and power the mechanism make sure that the current ampere is not leaked.

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