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07-6202, Markers self-adhesive MS-2

0-15 / AZ / +, -, /

  • A type: set
  • Weight g: 103

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Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers (MS-2) 07-6202 are an economical and easy way to mark pipes, ducts and equipment. Our markers self-adhesive pipe are made from durable vinyl material suitable for line marking identification and system color coding.

Why spend hours fiddling with tape and typing each system into a small label maker to print markers one at a time? Our MS-2 Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers comply with ASME (ANSI) standards, have industrial grade adhesive and are easy to install. So you can simply clean and dry the pipe, remove the marker from the coated paper backing and place in the desired location. Only on Megatronika

Self-adhesive markers MS-2
Marking: numbers from 0 to 15 on each page, English alphabet from A to Z, signs +, -, /, total 10 pages
Color: white
Usage temperature: from -40 to + 70
Ideal for cables, wires, terminals, control panels and NVA –
Self-adhesive – Resistant
to moisture, dust and oil –
Resistant to abrasion 07-6202

Nom. number 9000297023
Manufacturer China
A type set
Weight g 103

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