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4.8mm curved wedge tip for ERSA-80S

    • Tip type: wedge
    • Soldering Station Model: ersa-80s
    • Tip type: 7.8
    • Weight g: 58


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Durable soldering iron tip 082JD Ersa-80 and 80S
Tip diameter / width (mm): 6.80
Internal shaft diameter (mm): 0.0
External shaft diameter (mm): 7.8
Total length (mm): 119.00
Weight (g): 51

It is used with pins to tighten adjoining concrete forms, securing the tie and concrete form in place, curved wedges have the same function as straight wedges. The curved shape allows for easy insertion and less risk of damage to face of concrete form.

Nom. number 9000107076
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
Tip setting diameter 7.8
Soldering Station Model ersa-80s
Tip type wedge
Weight g 58

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