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1.8432 MHz impulse HC-49U

Quartz Crystal

  • Resonance frequency, MHz: 1.8432
  • Working temperature, C: -40 … 70
  • Body: hc-49u

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1.8432 MHz impulse HC-49U Quartz resonators are intended for use in analog-digital circuits for stabilization and isolation of electrical vibrations of a certain frequency or frequency band. However
Principle of operation: in a wide frequency band, the resistance of the device has a capacitive character and only at some (working) frequencies does it have a wide resonance (decrease in resistance).

Moreover a quartz resonator has better characteristics than other frequency stabilization devices (oscillatory circuits, piezoceramic resonators). In addition to this such as stability in frequency (frequency drift) and temperature (change in resonance frequency depending on the ambient temperature).

Therefore the selective, pronounced resonant nature of the resistance of these components determines the main areas of application of quartz resonators – highly stable clock and reference frequency generators, frequency selection circuits, frequency synthesizers, etc.

Nom. number 731014667
Resonance frequency, MHz 1.8432
Working temperature, C -40 … 70
Body hc-49u
Weight g 1
Manufacturer China

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