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Soldering Iron i-Tool 24V

    • Brand soldering station: icon
    • A type: soldering iron
    • Weight g: 145


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Soldering Iron i-Tool 24V, Antistatic small-sized soldering iron 100CDJ (peak power 150W / 24V) to the i-CON1 and i-CON2 stations; durable multilayer sting 102CDLF16.
Rated power (W): 150
Warm-up time (in seconds): 9
Antistatic: yes
Weight (g): 156
Heating element replacement: 010102J, 042100J

This new heating technology allows the soldering iron to heat up and cool down between room temperature and 350 °C at lightning speed of approx. 9 s, from standby (280 °C) in approx. 3 s. The heating element and soldering tip are separate from one another. Extremely short distance between handle and tip, thin and light cable for maximum comfort.

Nom. number 9000107052
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
Brand soldering station icon
A type soldering iron
Weight g 145

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