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1820 ER

Earth Resistance Meter

  • Weight g: 1

(State Register)

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1820 ER of grounding 0.01 – 2000 Ohm, test signal 2 mA / 820 Hz; U stepping 1 – 200 V / 50 – 60 Hz, digital, readout, battery power, weight 1.05 kg

Nom. number 458402782
Manufacturer/td> Standart Electric Works
Weight g 1

3 Wire Digital Earth Resistance Tester with 3½ digit (2000 counts) display.
Capable of measuring earth resistance and earth voltage.
Earth resistance: 0-20Ω / 0-200Ω / 0-2000Ω.
Earth voltage: 0-200 Vac(40-500Hz).

Measuring ranges: 0~40Ω / 0~400Ω / 0~4kΩ / ±(2%rdg+2dgt)
0-20Ω : 0.01Ω
0-200Ω : 0.1Ω
0-2000Ω : 1Ω
Measuring Earth voltage: 0-200 Vac / ±(1%rdg+2dgt)
Dimensions: 170(L) × 165(W) × 92(D)mm
Weight: 1040g
Power source: 1.5V (AA) × 8

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