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Dial multimeter

  • Selection of measurement limits: manualr
  • Indicator type: analog
  • Auxiliary indicator: not
  • Linear scale: not
  • DC voltage measurement: there is
  • DC voltage measuring ranges: 2.5-10-50-250-300v
  • AC voltage measurement: there is

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An analog multimeter for measuring current, voltage and resistance. Additionally, the device allows you to test batteries and measure the level of dB. Corresponds to CAT II 300 V.

Main characteristics:
Selection of measurement limits: manual
Indicator type: analog
Ranges of measurement of a direct voltage: 2.5 – 10 – 50 – 250 -300 V
Ranges of measurement of an alternating voltage: 10 – 50 – 250 – 300 V
Ranges of measurement of a direct current : 10 mA – 250 mA
Resistance measurement ranges: 20 kOhm – 2 MΩ
Dimensions, mm: 116 x 68 x 35
Weight, g: 195

Nom. number 385735380
Manufacturer Precision Mastech Enterprises
Selection of measurement limits manual
Indicator type analog
Auxiliary indicator not
Linear scale not
DC voltage measurement there is
DC voltage measuring ranges 2.5-10-50-250-300v
AC voltage measurement there is
AC voltage measurement ranges 10-50-250-300v
Direct current measurement there is
Ranges of measurement of a direct current 10mA-250mA
AC measurement not
Resistance measurement there is
Resistance Measurement Ranges 20kom-2mom
Capacitance measurement not
Inductance Measurement not
Power measurement not
Frequency measurement not
Temperature measurement not
Logic probe not
Diode and Transistor Test not
Conductivity circuit not
Revolution counter not
Memory of previous values not
Display Hold not
Overload protection not
RS232 port not
Auto shut off not
Sizes, mm Sizes, mm116x68x35
Weight g 195

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