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6.5-bit Digital Multimeter

  • A type: multimeter
  • The number of digits of the indicator: 6.5
  • State registry: not
  • Weight, kg: 5.9

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The 2100 USB Digital Multimeter is a new model in the Keithley family of high-performance digital multimeters. High precision and 6½-bit resolution are ideal for demanding applications. The device is equipped with 11 measuring functions and 8 mathematical functions, this allows you to directly read the most commonly used quantities.

Model 2100 provides stability, accuracy and speed of measurements at a very low cost. The main error in measuring DC voltage for one year in the 10 V range is 0.0038%, and the main error in measuring resistance for one year in the 10 kΩ range is 0.013%. With a resolution of 6½ bits, the 2100 delivers up to 50 samples per second via a remote USB interface. For fast measurements with a resolution of 4½ bits, the instrument reads over 2000 samples per second into the internal buffer.

The unique combination of high accuracy and low cost of ownership makes the 2100 an unsurpassed work tool for research engineers, developers, product testing specialists, as well as for scientists and students who perform accurate measurements of basic quantities. The 2100 digital multimeter can be used both as a stand-alone measuring instrument and as a component of automated measuring systems.

Multimeter Features

  • High precision digital 6½-digit multimeter for demanding applications at the price of a 5½-bit multimeter.
  • Fully defined measurement function errors provide results in accordance with ISO.
  • A TMC-compatible USB interface with, for use with test programs in the SCPI language.
  • The package includes software tools for graphically displaying results and transferring data to Microsoft® Word and Excel.
  • Rugged design provides long life when used as a laboratory and portable instrument.
  • The ability to use inputs on the front or rear panel simplifies work when placed on a table or in an instrument rack.

Scope of delivery:
Keithley 2100 Multimeter
CD Operating Instructions, Data Sheet, LabVlEW® Driver, Keithley I / O Layer I / O Library, USB cable , power cable, measuring cable with insulated clamps, Kl-Tool and Kl-Link Add-in software add-ons (for Microsoft Word and for Excel).

Nom. number 9000205478
Manufacturer Keithley
A type multimeter
The number of digits of the indicator 6.5
State registry not
Weight, kg 5.9

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