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22083 (M2003 50-0-50MK)

Ammeter 10A / 50Hz (48x48)

  • Type of measuring head: D.C
  • Range: 50mkA
  • Sizes, mm: 80×80
  • Accuracy class: 2.5
  • Weight g: 251

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22083 (M2003 50-0-50MK) Ammeter 10A / 50Hz (48×48)


High quality analogue instruments designed to measure an extensive
range of electrical and electronic parameters. Moreover this comprehensive range offers DIN instruments, ANSI switchboard meters, panel indicators, sealed and ruggedized instruments, and complementary selector switches for line-to-line and line-to-neutral readings. Therefore Instruments are precision engineered and robust in design, ensuring accurate measurement and display in the most demanding of environments. In addition to this all instruments are available in a range of styles, sizes and specifications to meet the exacting needs of your industry. But you can get it right now!

Nom. number 9000478875
Manufacturer Russia
Type of measuring head D.C
Range 50mkA
Sizes, mm 80×80
Accuracy class 2.5
Weight g 251


  • So it has an Extensive range
  • Accurate measurement and display of electrical and electronic parameters
  • Moreover it comes with wide range of case styles and specifications
  • The Maximum reliability in harsh environments


  • Switchgear
  • Distribution systems
  • Generator sets
  • Control panels
  • Energy management
  • Building management
  • Utility power monitoring
  • Process control
  • Motor control

Moving Iron AC Ammeters and Voltmeters
So it has been designed to measure AC current or voltage, these meters indicate true RMS values. Moreover they are substantially independent of system waveform. So  the Scales are calibrated down to 20%, and ammeters can have overload scales of x2, x3, x5 or x6 for motor start duty. Get 22083  now.

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