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24B (3 automatic off) IEK MTT13-024-0250

Box with a step-down transformer YATP 0.25 220

  • Height: 130 mm
  • Depth: 150 mm
  • Width: 220 mm
  • IP degree of protection: IP 30
  • Secondary voltage 1 to: 24 in
  • Primary voltage 1 to: 220 in
  • Primary voltage 1 s : 220 in

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Nom. number 8000841021
Manufacturer Iek
Height 130 mm
Depth 155 mm
Width 220 mm
IP degree of protection IP30
Secondary voltage 1 to 24 in
Primary voltage 1 to 220 in
Primary voltage 1 s 220 in


The transformer 24B (3 automatic off) IEK MTT13-024-0250 is intended for voltage stabilization in the AC network. Moreover This product is characterized by resistance to various negative environmental influences, durability and reliability. In addition to this, with the help of this unit, devices are protected from various negative influences.


  • The presence of a socket in the transformer allows you to connect a variety of devices to it.
  • Its high-quality and long-term performance is ensured due to the high degree of protection of the product.
  • The presence of a special system allows you to disconnect devices from the mains in the event of abnormal situations.
  • Ergonomic design of this unit provides fairly easy installation conditions that can be performed even by an inexperienced master.
  • The tight case of the device protects the system from dust, moisture, etc.
  • High-quality materials are used for wire production, but ensures excellent wear resistance and vandal resistance of this unit.
  • The dimensions of this product are quite small, which allows it to be mounted in any place convenient for the user.

Transformer single-phase low-voltage power. 24B (3 automatic off) IEK MTT13-024-0250

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