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Network Cable Tester

  • Weight g: 810
  • Tool type: tester + additional unit
  • Appointment: wire integrity test
  • Inductive probe: Yes
  • Cable type: rj45 / network

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3PK-NT023N Test set for determining the integrity of the wiring.
The 3PK-NT023N dial tone is for wiring detection. The device is also used in operation with de-energized electric wires and all types of cables for data transmission, including twisted pair in telephony and cables for voice messaging.

Inductive probe 3PK-NT023AN:
compatible with any tone generator
Adjustable sound level (1-9) for various operating conditions
Moreover it has a headphone jack
LED signal

3PK-NT023GN tone generator:
So it generates a sinusoidal signal with a frequency of about 2KHz and is equipped with standard red and black connecting wires standard 4 telephone wire cable with plug.

Functions and features:

  • Quick and accurate wiring detection
  • Durable tool
  • Sends a signal to identify the wire
  • Moreover Three outgoing signal options Detect the polarity of a two-core cable
  • Check the integrity of the signal Adjustable signal volume
  • Moreover the visual indication of signal strength
  • Powerful speaker for working in noisy places
  • Also Contacts for checking telephone outlets
  • 9V battery powered Contacts
  • Therefore product is know for its quality.

Package Contents:
Tone generator 3PK-NT023GN
inductive probe 3PK-NT023AN
So it comes in Red and black test leads
The standard RJ-11 modular jack (6 poses tions, 4 pins)
Soft nylon holster

Nom. number 507889034
Manufacturer Pro’sKit (Prokit’s Industries)
Tool type tester + additional unit
Appointment wire integrity test
Inductive probe Yes
Cable type rj45 / network
Weight g 400

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