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42-24 ETZ Kaluga

Transformer TSZI-1.6-380-220

  • Height: 300 mm
  • Depth: 310 mm
  • Width: 212 mm
  • Rated power: 1600 A
  • IP degree of protection: ip20
  • Secondary voltage 1 to: 42 V
  • Secondary voltage 1 s: 42 V
  • Relative short circuit voltage Uk: 5.5%
  • Primary voltage 1 to: 380 in
  • Primary voltage 1 s: 380 in
  • Type of connection scheme: Other
  • Secondary voltage 2 to: 24 in
  • Secondary voltage 2 s: 24 in

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42-24 ETZ Kaluga, Three-phase power transformer low-voltage

Nom. number 8000847555
Manufacturer Electrotechnical Plant Kaluga
Height 300 mm
Depth 310 mm
Width 212 mm
Rated power 1600 VA
IP degree of protection ip20
Secondary voltage 1 to 42 V
Secondary voltage 1 s 42 V
Relative short circuit voltage Uk 5.5%
Primary voltage 1 to 380 in
Primary voltage 1 s 380 in
Type of connection scheme Other
Secondary voltage 2 to 24 in
Secondary voltage 2 s 24 in


  • PURPOSE of 42-24 ETZ Kaluga

Step-down transformers TSZI (three-phase) of the trademark Electrotechnical Plant LLC Kaluga are designed to convert an alternating voltage of one magnitude 380 / 220V to a voltage of another magnitude 110; 42; 36; 24; 12V.


They are used to power control circuits of local lighting and signaling complex circuits in order to increase the reliability of electrical apparatus and ensure safer maintenance of electrical equipment. Winding connection groups 0; 11. IP20-IP23. 42-24 ETZ Kaluga


When connected to a source, alternating current creates an alternating magnetic flux, which, closing along the core, penetrates the turns of both the primary and secondary windings of the transformer, inducing EMF in them. When connecting the secondary windings to the load, an alternating current will occur under the influence of EMF. Thus, electrical energy is transferred from the primary circuit of the transformer to the secondary.


At the request of the customer, transformer windings can be made of aluminum winding wires.
Three-phase power transformer low-voltage

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