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AD623ARZ AD I SOIC-8 Integrated electronic components

  • Model Number: AD623ARZ
  • Type: integrated circuit, MCU IC
  • Brand Name: ADI
  • D/C: AD623ARZ
  • Voltage – Breakdown: contact us
  • Voltage – Off State: contact us
  • Static dV/dt (Min): contact us
  • Current – LED Trigger (Ift) (Max): contact us
  • Style: contact us
  • Condition::Original 100%
  • Warranty:: 30~90 Days

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Global Supplier Of Materials In Short Supply

Shenzhen Xuri Mingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a professional IC agent and distributor. Committed to electronic components to meet customer needs such as quick response, quality assurance, cost optimization, and program support.

If you are looking for material models, please contact us immediately, we are your strong partner for cooperation in China.
Please note when contacting: your company name + required material number and required quantity
For example: Shenzhen Xuri Mingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. + S TM32F103C8T6 + 1 million per month

Please note: We are dealing with materials that are in short supply. There are many merchants looking for goods. We are spot trading. If there is a purchase confirmation plan, we will arrange an inquiry + quotation.

Cooperative Material Brand

1.S T       2. T I         3.A DI      4.XILI NX       5.N XP

AD623ARZ AD I SOIC-8 Integrated electronic components


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