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DC-DC Converter

  • Converter Type: step-up, switched capacitor, doubler, inverting
  • Input voltage range, V: 1.5 … 7
  • Output voltage range, V: -vin, 2 x vin
  • Maximum output current, A: 0.1
  • Operating frequency, kHz: -25 … + 85
  • Case Type: so8

DC-DC Converter 1.5-7V 100mA, (-40 … + 85) [SO-8]

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The ADM660ARZ is a CMOS switched-capacitor Voltage Converter that can be used to either invert the input supply voltage giving VOUT = -VIN or double it giving VOUT = 2VIN. This inverting scheme is ideal for generating a negative rail in single power supply systems. Only two small external capacitors are needed for the charge pump. Output currents up to 50mA with greater than 90% efficiency are achievable, while 100mA achieves greater than 80% efficiency. A frequency control (FC) input pin is used to select either 25 or 120kHz charge-pump operation. This is used to optimize capacitor size and quiescent current. With 25kHz selected, a 10µF external capacitor is suitable, while with 120kHz the capacitor may be reduced to 2.2µF.


  • Inverts or doubles input supply voltage
  • 2.2µF or 10µF Capacitors
  • 0.3V Drop at 30mA load
  • Low power CMOS (600µA quiescent current)
  • Selectable charge pump frequency (25 / 120kHz)
Nom. number 17321
Production Analog Devices
Converter Type step-up, switched capacitor, doubler, inverting
Input voltage range, V 1.5 … 7
Output voltage range, V -vin, 2 x vin
Maximum output current, A 0.1
Operating frequency, kHz 120
Case Type so8
Weight, g 0.15
Manufacturer Analog Devices

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