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DC / DC LED Driver, 22.4W, input 5-36V, output 2-32V / 700mA

  • Input voltage, V: 5 … 36
  • Range of output voltage, V: 2 … 32
  • Maximum output current, A: 0.7
  • Power, W: 22
  • Sizes, mm: 31.8×20.3×10.2
  • Weight g: 12

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AMLD-3670IZ, As you know, one of the main problems in obtaining effective lighting devices is to provide them with direct current power. There are manufacturers who offer ready-made packaged power supplies for LEDs. DC-DC Aimtec LED drivers made for installation on a printed circuit board are DC-DC converters with direct current output. Two series of converters are available: AMLD-IZ (in the DIP24 case) and AMLDL-Z (in the DIP14 and DIP16 cases).

Aimtec LED drivers meet the stringent requirements of LED application environments. Working with a wide input range (5-36 VDC or 7-30 VDC), they provide a constant output current with an accuracy of ± 2%. High current accuracy ensures constant brightness and color of the LEDs. These converters are equipped with an additional output for controlling the on / off voltage at its output, as well as the PWM function for monitoring the output parameters (0-100%).

In the AMLDL-Z series, transmitter options are available with an output current of 300 mA, 350 mA, 500 mA, 600 mA and 700 mA. Thus, you can choose the most suitable source for most existing high-power LEDs. Converters have high efficiency (efficiency> 95%), and also operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures of -40 … 85 ° C. They are ideal for powering one or assembling LEDs in many applications. Get now AMLD-3670IZ, get from Megatronika

Nom. number 9000170471
Manufacturer Aimtec
Input voltage, V 5 … 36
Range of output voltage, V 2 … 32
Maximum output current, A 0.7
Power, W 22
Sizes, mm 31.8×20.3×10.2
Weight g 12

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