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DC / AC Converter

DC / AC Converter (State Register)

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  • APPA 39TRed LED — Low battery display.
  • Green LED — Power on display.
  • Coiled Cable Output Leads — Voltage output.
  • Function Switch — Function select switch used to select measuring function.
  • DC Zero Button — DCA AUTO ZERO on DC current ranges.
  • Trigger — Press the lever to open the transformer jaws.
  • Transformer Jaws — Designed to pick up the a.c./d.c. current following through the conductor
Nom. number 483260597
Manufacturer APPA
Weight, kg 420

In addition to these this instrument has been designed and tested in accordance with IEC Publication 1010, Safety Requirements for Electronic Measuring Apparatus and has been supplied in a safe condition. Moreover this instruction manual contains some information and warnings which have to be followed by the user to ensure safe operation and to retain the instrument in safe condition. Therefore you can use it for best purposes.

Precautions and Preparations for measurement
1. Do not apply the voltage to the output plugs.
2. Make sure that the battery is connected properly.
3. Operate the instrument only in temperature between 0°C ~ 50°C and less than 75% R.H.
4. So do not use or store this instrument in high temperature or high humidity and do not store the unit in direct sunlight.
5. If the unit is not to be used for a long period of time, remove the battery.
6. Do not forget to turn power switch off after use.
7. If the meter is used near equipment that generates electro-magnetic, the output may be unstable or indicate
incorrect measurement values.

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