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Relay voltage regulator, 220V, 1000W

  • Input voltage, V: 140 … 260
  • Output voltage, V: 220
  • Sizes, mm: 140x170x237
  • Load power, W: 1000
  • Weight kg: 3.25

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The ASN-1000/1-Ts stabilizers are equipped with microprocessor control, a digital voltage indicator. The display shows the input / output voltage.
Input voltage range, V 140-260
Nominal value of the output voltage, V 220 ± 8%
Nominal power at Uin≥190 V (kW) 1
Operating frequency (Hz) 50/60
Efficiency, at a load of 80%, not less than 97
Accuracy of maintaining the output voltage (%) 8
Net weight (kg) 3.53
Natural cooling
Control time (ms) 5-7
No sinusoid distortion
High – voltage protection (V) 260 ± 5
Protection class IP 20 (unpressurized)
Overall dimensions, L × W × H (mm) 140x170x237
Operating ambient temperature (˚С) 0-45
Relative humidity, not more than (%) 80

The principle of operation. Voltage regulation occurs by switching the windings on the transformer using a relay. Therefore, this type of stabilizer is called “relay”. Step-by-step adjustment is carried out. With step adjustment, the accuracy of the output voltage increases to 8%, i.e. 17.6 V, which is quite acceptable for all household appliances. But due to this, the adjustment time is reduced, it is minimal and is 20-35 msec, i.e. less than 1 second! Such a stabilizer should be installed in places where the input voltage is constantly changing.

Nom. number 9000067171
Manufacturer Resanta
Input voltage, V 140 … 260
Output voltage, V 220
Sizes, mm 140x170x237
Load power, W 1000
Weight kg 3.25

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