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Package Dip40 Ic Chip Atmega16a

  • Place of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: ATMEGA16A-PU
  • Part number: ATMEGA16A-PU
  • Package: DIP40
  • Lead Time: In stock
  • Shipping Way: DHL, FEDEX,EMS,Post office and so on
  • Warranty: 90 days after shipping
  • Datesheet: Pls contact us
  • Payment Ways: TT,Paypal,Western Union, Credit card,alipay and so on
  • Datacode: New Year
  • Temperature: Standing degree
  • Voltage: Standing Voltage

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Place of Origin United States
Model Number ATMEGA16A-PU
Part number ATMEGA16A-PU
Package DIP40
Lead Time In stock
Shipping Way DHL, FEDEX,EMS,Post office and so on
Warranty 90 days after shipping
Datesheet Pls contact us
Payment Ways TT,Paypal,Western Union, Credit card,alipay and so on
Datacode New Year
Temperature Standing degree
Voltage Standing Voltage

High-performance, Low-power Atmel AVR 8-bit Microcontroller

  • z Advanced RISC Architecture
  • 131 Powerful Instructions – Most Single-clock Cycle Execution
  • 32 x 8 General Purpose Working Registers
  •  Fully Static Operation
  •  Up to 16MIPS Throughput at 16MHz
  •  On-chip 2-cycle Multiplier
  • z High Endurance Non-volatile Memory segments
    16KBytes of In-System Self-programmable Flash program memory
  •  512Bytes EEPROM
  • 1KByte Internal SRAM
  •  Write/Erase Cycles: 10,000 Flash/100,000 EEPROM
  •  Data retention: 20 years at 85°C/100 years at 25°C(1)
  •  Optional Boot Code Section with Independent Lock Bits
  • z In-System Programming by On-chip Boot Program
  • z True Read-While-Write Operation
  •  Programming Lock for Software Security
  • z JTAG (IEEE std. 1149.1 Compliant) Interface

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