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Photocell with sensor

  • Weight g: 289.6

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Nom. number 9000523740
Manufacturer Euroautomatics FiF
Weight g 289.6


Also known as Light dependent relay serves to switch-ON the lighting of streets, squares, shop windows, neon lamps etc, at twilight and to switch-OFF afore mentioned lighting at dawn. These devices detects the light intensity and takes the action in contrast to the light intensity.


The AWZ-30 relay should be situated at place with permanent access to day light. Which, due to its changes of intensity, will cause switching ON and OFF the lighting as mentioned above. But the exact time of switching the lighting can either be set by potentiometer by the user. That’s even good if you want to extend the light ON-OFF timing. You can do this by turn in the direction of “half moon“ will delay switching-ON, turning in the direction of “sun ” will advance switching-ON. On other hand the relay is equipped with a delay system, which delays switching ON and OFF the lighting, thus eliminating the influence of accidental disturbances like thunder  lightings on the relay functioning. Get AWZ-300 now and resolve all you problems with the new and improved technology! We have more amazing products similar to this. Search now and get the quality you are looking for.

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