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B57045-K 102-K, 1 kΩ, 10%

NTC thermistor

  • Application area: temperature measurement
  • Resistance at 25 degrees C, Ohm: 1000
  • Case Diameter, mm: 8
  • Body length mm: 21
  • Accuracy, %: 10
  • Operating temperature, C: -55 … 125
  • Design: with nut mounting

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So B57045-K 102-K,, NTC thermistors are temperature-dependent resistors whose resistance decreases with increasing temperature. Moreover they are most often used for precision temperature measurement in automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, in communication systems. Therefore if you are willing to get the product you can easily get from Megatronika. In addition to this we not only offer the best quality but also the least order delivery time.

Nom. number 11431
Production Epcos
A type k45
Application area temperature measurement
Resistance at 25 degrees C, Ohm 1000
Accuracy, % 10
Coefficient of temperature sensitivity 3730
Design with nut mounting
Case Diameter, mm 8
Body length mm 21
Operating temperature, C -55 … 125
Weight, g 1
Manufacturer Epcos


  • Temperature compensation, measurement and control (chassis mounting)


  1. So this is cost-effective
  2. Good thermal coupling through screw-type case (thread M3)
  3. Electrically isolated aluminum case
  4. Tinned copper leads Options
  5. In addition to this tighter resistance tolerance available on request.

Delivery mode

  1. Bulk


  1. Use resin-type flux or non-activated flux.
  2. Insufficient preheating may cause ceramic cracks.
  3. Rapid cooling by dipping in solvent is not recommended.
  4. Complete removal of flux is recommended.


Avoid contamination of thermistor surface during storage, handling and processing. Moreover Avoid storage of thermistors in harmful environments like corrosive gases (SOx, Cl etc).
So use the components as soon as possible after opening the factory seals, i.e. the polyvinyl-sealed packages. However solder thermistors within the time specified after shipment from EPCOS. Hence Electrodes/contacts must not be scratched or damaged  before/during/after the mounting process.

A Trust To Your Business.

So After many years of development, we have a large stock in stock, reasonable price and fast delivery. Therefore we stock millions of hard-to-find parts from trusted resources. Moreover Megatronika has QA specialist that only pass those products which fits in our quality supply demand. So Either you purchase an item from us, or sign a contract for enterprise solutions. However for more bulk product purchase or just single item purchase. In addition to this we take care of all your needs and quality aspects throughout the process. So get B57045-K 102-K, now. But in affordable price and brand new quality.


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