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B59060-A0160A010, 12 V, 12×1 mm, 160 ° C

PTC thermistor

  • Application area: measurement and control
  • Design: disk
  • The value of the normalized temperature, degrees C: 160
  • Maximum allowable voltage, V: 12
  • Nominal Resistance, Ohm: 9

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Why B59060-A0160A010 from Megatronika?


Epcos B59060 Series PTC heating PTC thermistors are made in a 12x1mm disk shape with silver coating.

So they are used in the automotive industry (heating diesel fuel, thawing, additional heating of the passenger compartment) and in household low-voltage devices.

Nom. number 9000084657
Production Epcos
A type b59060
Application area measurement and control
Design disk
The value of the normalized temperature, degrees C 160
Maximum allowable voltage, V 12
Nominal Resistance, Ohm 9
Weight, g 10
Manufacturer Epcos

Detailed Information:

We have listed few more details about the product below.


  1. Automotive applications
  2. diesel fuel preheating
  3. defrosting (e.g. spray nozzle heating)
  4. Low-voltage home appliances


  • Silver metallization
  • For clamp contacting, not suitable for soldering
  • Self-regulating
  • RoHS-compatible


  • Other dimensions and ratings on request
  • Delivery mode
  • Packed in blister trays


EPCOS thermistors are designed for specific applications and should not be used for purposes not identified in our specifications, application notes and data books unless otherwise agreed with EPCOS during the design-in-phase.

Moreover you must ensure suitability of thermistor through reliability testing during the design-in phase. Therefore most importantly the thermistors should be evaluated taking into consideration worst-case conditions.

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