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B88069-X 410-T502 (FS04X-1JMG), 400 V


  • Breakdown voltage, V: 400
  • Impulse discharge current (impulse 8/20 μs), kA: 5
  • Discharge current for alternating voltage 50 Hz (1c), A: 5
  • Contacts: 2x electrode
  • Design: output

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B88069-X 410-T502, Surge arresters protect communication and information equipment, as well as telegraph systems, from failure and destruction. Moreover reliable voltage limitation, high discharge current carrying capacity, low self-capacitance, and high insulation resistance provide optimal protection against over-voltages caused by lightning, electrostatic or electromagnetic discharges. So. Above all this is the best product you can buy from Megatronika in affordable price.

Nom. number 635964100
Production Epcos
A type fs
Breakdown voltage, V 400
Impulse discharge current (impulse 8/20 μs), kA 5
Discharge current for alternating voltage 50 Hz (1c), A 5
Contacts 2x electrode
Design output
Case Diameter, mm 8
Body length mm 7.9
Operating temperature, C -40 … 125
Weight, g 1.7
Manufacturer Epcos


  1. Extremely long life time
  2. Stable performance over life
  3. Moreover insensitive performance against variations in temperature
  4. Extremely low switching losses
  5. Very short breakdown time
  6. High reliability by robust design
  7. RoHS compatible


  • Ignition of HID lamps

Cautions and warnings

  1. Switching spark gaps may be used only within their specified values.
  2. So please note damaged switching spark gaps must not be re-used.

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