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Battery 6F22

NI-MN 250mAh BP-1 (blister. 1 pc) Camelion 5014

  • Execution: Nickel metal hydride
  • Capacity: 250 mAh
  • Size: Other
  • Rated voltage: 9 V
  • IEC (IEC) designation: HR22
  • Height with poles: 45 mm
  • Size designation: Flat body
  • Ambient temperature: 40 deg. C
  • Ambient temperature with: -20 degrees C
  • Closed (sealed): Yes
  • Dry: Yes
  • Plastic case: not
  • Traction battery: not
  • Weight g: 43.7

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Nom. number 8000839446
Manufacturer Camelion
Execution Nickel metal hydride
Capacity 250 mAh
Size Other
Rated voltage 9 V
IEC (IEC) designation HR22
Height with poles 45 mm
Size designation Flat body
Ambient temperature 40 deg. C
Ambient temperature with -20 degrees C
Closed (sealed) Yes
Dry Yes
Plastic case not
Traction battery not
Weight g 43.7


A Battery 6F22 Nickel metal hydride battery. This unique construction is designed to improve the stability of the battery and its service life. This is General purpose 9V Rechargeable Battery for all your project and application needs. As we experienced the use of this battery in our testing lab for various purposes, we can assure you the best quality, long life and genuineness of this battery among all options available in the market at this cost.
With its Universal 9V battery size and connecting points, it can be used in many DIY projects as well as household applications and they can easily be replaced and installed, the same as you would an AA battery or an AAA battery.

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