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Battery R03

NI-MH 1100mAh (blister. 2pcs) Space KOCR03NIMH (1100MAH)

  • Execution: Nickel metal hydride
  • Capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Amount of elements: 2
  • Rated voltage: 1.2 V
  • IEC (IEC) designation: HR03
  • Size designation: Little finger
  • Suitable for quick charge: Yes
  • Ambient temperature: 50 degrees C
  • Ambient temperature with: -30 degrees C
  • Closed (sealed): Yes
  • Dry: Yes
  • Weight g: 30.3

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  • PURPOSE of Battery R03

An electric battery is a reusable cyclic chemical current source designed for energy storage and autonomous power supply of various electrical devices and equipment, as well as for providing backup energy sources in medicine, manufacturing and in other areas of human activity.


In everyday life, the battery, Battery R03 is found in cell phones, under the hood of a car, but batteries are used much more widely. So, In electronics, these are energy sources for uninterruptible power supply units; in security systems, a battery is used as an alternative to a stationary power supply network. The battery is also widely used in transport: railway cars, trolleybuses, cars – hybrids, electric cars, trolleybuses, etc.


The operating principle of a battery is based on the reversibility of a chemical reaction. The performance of the battery can be restored by charging, that is, by passing an electric current in the direction opposite to the direction of the current during discharge. Several batteries combined in one electrical circuit make up the battery.


The principle of operation of lead-acid batteries is based on the electrochemical reactions of lead and lead dioxide in sulfuric acid.
A lithium-ion battery consists of electrodes (cathode material on aluminum foil and anode material on copper foil), separated by porous separators soaked in electrolyte. The charge carrier in a lithium-ion battery is a positively charged lithium ion. Which has the ability to penetrate into the crystal lattice of other materials with the formation of a chemical bond.
In a lithium-polymer battery, a polymer material with inclusions of a gel-like lithium-conductive filler is used as an electrolyte. Often used in mobile phones, digital technology, etc.


Rechargeable battery

Nom. number 8000847131
Manufacturer Cosmos
Execution Nickel metal hydride
Capacity 1100 mAh
Amount of elements 2
Rated voltage 1.2 V
IEC (IEC) designation HR03
Size designation Little finger
Suitable for quick charge Yes
Ambient temperature 50 degrees C
Ambient temperature with -30 degrees C/td>
Closed (sealed) Yes
Weight g 30.3

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