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BC2065BAL, d = 20mm 6.5 kHz

Piezoelectric diaphragm

  • A type: piezoelectric
  • Frequency Hz: 6500
  • Case Thickness h, mm: 0.43
  • Diameter (width) of the housing d, mm: 20
  • Working temperature, C: -20 … 50

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BC2065BAL, d = 20mm 6.5 kHz

Nom. number 9000593487
Manufacturer Kepo
A type piezoelectric
Frequency Hz 6500
Case Thickness h, mm 0.43
Diameter (width) of the housing d, mm 20
Working temperature, C -20 … 50

Piezoelectric sound components are offered in a variety of materials and styles. Most are supplied with brass diaphragms, nickel, and stainless steel. Brass types can be provided with lead wires attached in the 12, 27, 35 and 41mm diameter sizes for either the 2-electrode (external drive) or 3-electrode (self-drive) styles. Sizes and resonant frequencies range from 12mm (9.0 kHz) to 41mm (2.2 kHz). These products require a resonant enclosure (by others) for proper operation.


  • Clear sound
  • Ultra thin and lightweight
  • No contacts: therefore, no noise and highly reliable
  • Low power consumption for voltage type
  • RoHS compliant

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