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APC Back-UPS BS, OffLine

  • Power, W: 480
  • Topology: line-interactive
  • Type of output sockets: Schuko
  • Execution: tower
  • LCD availability: not
  • The ability to connect additional. of batteries: not
  • Vendor Series: Back-UPS BS
  • Topology: Offline
  • Power VA: 750VA
  • Power, W: 400W
  • Execution: Tower
  • Type of output sockets: Schuko
  • Communication port: USB

750VA / 400W, Tower, Schuko, USB Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Nom. number 9000567479
Manufacturer Powercom
Power, W 400
Topology standby (offline)
Type of output sockets Schuko
Execution tower
LCD availability not
The ability to connect additional. of batteries not
Vendor Series Back-UPS BS
Topology Offline
Power VA 750VA
Power, W 400W
Execution Tower
Type of output sockets Schuko
Communication port USB



The BC750-RS, Powercom Tower Back-UPS Backup Power Supply APC offers guaranteed power protection and surge protection for wireless networks, computers, game consoles and other electronics in the home or in an organization. 

This model provides battery backup during power outages and dangerous voltage fluctuations in the mains, and also protects auxiliary electronic equipment from surges and surges in voltage without consuming battery power needed to operate more important equipment. It also offers a number of standard features and is the ideal choice for protecting data and maintaining network connectivity.

Built-in automatic UPS health test
Regular battery self-test allows early detection of the battery to be replaced. It is  automated model to help itself.

LED Indicators
Equipped with indicators by which you can easily assess the current status of the utility, UPS and battery.

Reusable automatic fuse
Easy recovery from overload, no fuse replacement required.

USB connection
Access additional power protection and UPS management functions from a computer via the serial port.

Audible alarms
Notify of changes in utility power and UPS operating conditions.

Battery Powered Outlets with
Surge Protector Maintain and protect your equipment and data during power outages, surges and surges.

Surge Only Outlets
Protect your auxiliary electronics from power surges and surges without consuming battery power to keep your critical equipment running when mains power is out.

Built-in automatic UPS health test
Regular battery self-test allows early detection of the battery to be replaced.

Failure Alert Provides early warning of an impending battery failure, allowing timely preventive maintenance.

Intelligent Battery Management
Maximize battery efficiency, life and reliability with smart, accurate charging.

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