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Rectangular blue LED

  • Material: ingan
  • Glow color: blue
  • Wavelength nm: 470
  • Minimum luminous intensity Iv min., MKd: 400
  • Maximum luminous intensity Iv max., MKd: 1200
  • at current Ipr., mA: 20
  • Visible solid angle, hail: 120
  • Lens color: colorless
  • Lens shape: rectangular
  • Lens size mm: 2×5
  • Maximum reverse voltage, V: 5
  • Maximum pulse forward current, mA: 100
  • Weight g: 0.17

120 ° 2x5x7mm 1200mcd 470nM (Ultra Blue)

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BL-L2506UBC LEDs of the L2506 series belong to the type of rectangular LEDs and have a size of 2x5mm with a height of 7mm. To exclude connection errors, the anode has a longer output. They have a large scattering angle of 120 degrees. The light output of these LEDs varies very widely and is displayed in the table. The range of operating temperatures ranges from -40 to +80 degrees.

Nom. number 9000061677
Manufacturer Betlux Electronics
Material ingan
Glow color blue
Wavelength nm 470
Minimum luminous intensity Iv min., MKd 400
Maximum luminous intensity Iv max., MKd 1200
at current Ipr., mA 20
Visible solid angle, hail 120
Lens color colorless
Lens shape rectangular
Lens size mm 2×5
Maximum reverse voltage, V 5
Maximum pulse forward current, mA 100
Weight g 0.17


  • 1.8 mm Round Tower Type LED Lamps..
  • Ultra brightness.
  • Choice of various viewing angles.
  • Full color Display application.
  • IC compatible /Low current capability.
  • RoHs Compliance

1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches)
2. Tolerance is ±0.25(0.01″)unless otherwise noted.
3. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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