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Flux applicator

  • Weight g: 9

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BON-PEN is a pen-sized instrument is a 7 ml reservoir made of resilient plastic with an elastic brush at the end. It is repeatedly filled with any liquid flux, as well as alcohol-based washing fluids. The most popular refueling is the repair flux IF8001. So By lightly squeezing the handle, you can dispense flux economically and monitor how much is left through the translucent walls of the tank.


  • This flux pen enables fine and accurate flux application.
  • No flux evaporation. You can keep the Flux density constant.
  • Excellent for fine and accurate application of flux
  • Flux will not evaporate – flux density can be kept constant
  • Now you can refill the Flux – economical design
  • Replacement of both cartridge and pen tips is available (5pcs of each are packed)
  • Cartridge’s when shipping will be empty
  • Bonpens by Megatronika are refillable flux pens that enable fine and accurate flux application to your work area.
  • You can also use a single cartridge, and simply buy the various replacement tips.

A flux pen is a must have when performing any kind of solder rework. Get BON-PEN now.

Nom. number 335464815
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
Weight g 9

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