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Soldering paste active (fat) 10 gr

    • Weight g: 25


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BS-10 is a high activity allows to solder even oxidized surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Not suitable for soldering printed circuit boards!

Residues are easily washed off with Kalosha gas or isopropanol.


  • Vaseline (base) 80-90%
  • Paraffin 6-9%
  • Zinc chloride 4-6%
  • Ammonium chloride 1-3%
  • Water 2-4%

Weight: 10 g.
Packaging: Tin jar in a polypropylene bag with Euroslot.

Nom. number 17886
Manufacturer Goot
Weight g 25

While the main use of solder paste flux is in the creation of solder paste, it is also sold directly as a gel or tacky flux.

Solder paste flux can also act as a temporary adhesive.  Moreover it is tacky nature holds components together until the heat of the soldering process melts the solder and the parts are fused together.

So, once mixed, solder paste is most commonly used in a stencil-printing process. On the other hand, paste is spread over a stencil in the pattern required on the final end product, a printed circuit board. Get BS-10 now.

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