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SKKD81 / 12

Diode module 1200V 80A [A-10]

Diode module 1200V 80A [A-10] (without fasteners)

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SKKD81 / 12 SKKD SEMIPACK 1 Series, Diode Module, Semikron.

Nom. number 9000025968
Weight g 95
Manufacturer Semikron Elektronik


  1. Heat transfer through aluminium
    oxide ceramic isolated metal
  2. Hard soldered joints for high
  3. UL recognized, file no. E 63 532


  • DC motor control (e.g. for
    machine tools)
  • AC motor soft starters
    Temperature control (e.g. for
    ovens, chemical processes)
  • Professional light dimming
    (studios, theaters)

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