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End Detector

(1 channel, line break)

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ICON BTD1 – a single-channel hang-up detector powered by a telephone line.

Compact single-channel detector connected to the telephone line break. The detector is necessary for the correct operation of the PBX functions, which provide for the establishment of a trunk to trunk connection, for example, call forwarding to an external subscriber, DISA, etc. Without a detector, rupture of such connections is possible only by timer, which leads to long-term busy external lines.

Features ICON BTD1

The number of channels in one device 1
Line resistance No more than 47 ohms
Busy Signal Type 425 Hz
The minimum amplitude of the detected signal 30 mV
Reaction time for the busy signal 5 s
Hang up method Loop break (2s)
Dimensions ICON BTD1 17 x 14 x 69 mm

Nom. number 9000295067
Manufacturer ICON

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