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(4 channels, line break / polarity reversal, external power supply)

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ICON BTD4 – four-channel hang-up detector with external power supply.

The BTD4 hang-up detector, unlike the BTD4A model, has external power and can disconnect PBX ports from the line in two ways: by breaking the loop or by reversing the polarity. Correct polarity is not required when connecting. In the event of an external power failure, the operability of the lines is maintained. This model can be used both on the external lines of the PBX and on the internal (for example, between the PBX and the IP telephony gateway included in it).

The rebound detector ICON BTD4 is made in a unified modular case. In the upper part of the case there are terminals for connecting incoming city lines, in the bottom – terminals of PBX lines. On the front panel are indicators of line activity. The device operates as follows: if the “Busy” signal is present on the line for more than 5 seconds, then the detector opens the line (or gives a reverse polarity) for 2 seconds. In this case, the PBX port should disconnect from the line.

The busy signal detection algorithm implemented in the device allows you to reliably determine the signal against a background of interference (for example, a DISA voice message or music on hold) and in the presence of a busy signal.

ICON BTD4 End Detector Features
The number of channels in one device 4
Line resistance No more than 100 ohms
Busy Signal Type 425 Hz or 480 + 620 Hz
The minimum amplitude of the detected signal 30 mV
Reaction time for the busy signal 5 s
Hang up method Rupture of a loop or polarity reversal (2s)
Powered by adapter 9 V 50 Hz
dimensions 110×75 x 55 mm BTD4

Nom. number 9000305418
Manufacturer ICON

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