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CF-100 (C1-4) 1 W, 1.1 Ohm, 5%

Carbon Resistor

  • Nominal Resistance: 1.1
  • Accuracy, %: 5
  • Unit Type: ohm
  • Rated power, W: 1
  • Max working voltage, V: 500
  • Working temperature, C: -55 … 155
  • Mounting: in the hole

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CF-100 Resistors with a carbon conductive layer are designed to operate in direct, alternating and pulsed current circuits.

They are a substitute for domestic C1-4 resistors.

Rated power: 0.25 W, 0.5 W, 1 W, 2 W.

Range of nominal resistance: 1 Ohm – 10 MOhm; E24 series.

Accuracy: 5% (J).

Operating temperature range: -55 … + 125 ° C.

Nom. number 11677
Production Taiwan
A type s1-4
Nominal Resistance 1.1
Unit Type ohm
Accuracy, % 5
Rated power, W 1
Max working voltage, V 500
Working temperature, C -55 … 155
Mounting in the hole
Case length L, mm 11
Width (diameter) of the housing W (D), mm 4.5
Weight, g 0.57
Manufacturer Taiwan

For most practical purposes, however, carbon resistors are preferred. This is because they are cheap to produce, compact and can be directly printed onto circuit boards (like the computer processors in phones and tablets). They also reproduce resistance fairly well within practical requirements. Compared to metal wires which are expensive to produce, carbon is abundantly available making it cheap.

Advantages of carbon composition resistor

  • The major advantage of carbon composition resistor is its ability to withstand at high energy pulses.
  • The cost of carbon composition resistor is low

Applications of carbon composition resistor

The various applications of carbon composition resistor include:

  • Current limiting
  • Protection of circuits
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Welding controls
  • Carbon composition resistors are used in high frequency applications.

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