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Crystal oscillator

  • Series: cf
  • A type: ceramic
  • Resonance frequency, MHz: 0.455
  • 3dB bandwidth, Hz: n / a
  • 6dB bandwidth, Hz: 4.5
  • Max insertion attenuation, dB: 25
  • Working temperature, C: -20 … 80

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CFULA455KG1A-B0 Ceramic RF filters for RF equipment. The number of vibration elements: 4 or 6. Nominal center frequency: 455 kHz ± 1.5.

Nom. number 664616411
Series cf
A type ceramic
Resonance frequency, MHz 0.455
3dB bandwidth, Hz n / a
6dB bandwidth, Hz 4.5
Max insertion attenuation, dB 25
Working temperature ° C -20 … 80
Case length L, mm 7
Case Width W, mm 8
Weight g 1.8
Manufacturer Murata Manufacturing

SFECV/SFECK10M7 series for FM receivers are monolithic
type ceramic fi lters that utilize the thickness expander
mode of piezoelectric ceramics. SFECV series enable
customers to make an AM/FM set very thin, and it can be
useful to the total chip circuit.

  1. The piezoelectric element is sandwiched by heat
    resistant substrate, thus it has excellent mechanical
    strength, and it is suitable for automatic mounting.
  2. Various bandwidths are available. Select a suitable
    type in accordance with the desired selectivity.
  3. Operating Temperature Range:
    -20 to +80°C (Standard Type)
    -40 to +85°C (High-reliability Type)
  4. Storage Temperature Range:
    -40 to +85°C (Standard Type)
    -55 to +85°C (High-reliability Type)

1. Small, thin radios
2. Automotive radios
3. Headphone stereos

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