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Gas cylinder (analogue of MAPP gas), 450 g

    • Weight g: 450


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CGV450LGASEX (CGV450LGGA), Disposable cylinder, with Gasex gas mixture (analogue of MAPP gas, new, improved formula) with 7/16 “thread;

  • cylinder volume: 860 ml;
  • gas weight 450 g;
  • gas burning temperature: 2000 ° C.

MARP cylinder ® -gas is made of cold-rolled steel with a thickness of 0.75 mm, is equipped with a shock-absorbing bottom and a bypass valve, which meets international quality standards and is confirmed by TÜV certificates and GOST-R certificate of conformity.

In addition to this, MARP®-gas is a liquid stabilized homogeneous phase of methylacetylene and propadiene, has all properties istogo gas and provides combustion temperature 2,010 ° C. MARR® gas suitable for use at subzero temperatures.

Due to its high combustion energy, MAPP-gas allows working 33% faster and more efficiently than pure propane, 20% more economical than propane. Moreover the thermal power of MAPP-gas burners is 50% higher than pure propane burners.

MARP-gas is widely used in various fields: ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, gas and water systems, car service, metalworking, gas pipelines, etc.

Nom. number 9000254487
Manufacturer Providus
Weight g 450

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