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Electric Linear Actuator

  • Type: Micro Motor
  • Torque: 12000 N
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet
  • Cspeed: 6.5-38 RPM
  • Continuous Current: 10 A
  • Efficiency: IE2
  • Itorque: 12000 N
  • Protective Properties: IP70
  • Certification: ROHS/U.L/CCC/VDE/CCC/SGS/ISO
  • Package: Outer Package

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Actuators are specially designed devices, the main purpose of which is the transfer of effort from the control or regulatory mechanism to the executive. Often this is an electromechanical device that allows you to perform circular or linear movement. This process greatly simplifies the execution of technological operations, as well as facilitate most of the production phase. They are used to perform specific tasks, complex production blocks, etc. Literally from English, an actuator is a drive. This is the name for ready-to-install and work drive developments with a mechanical transmission and, in most cases, an integrated engine. They are relatively compact and affordable. The modern industrial market has several leading manufacturers at once, which make healthy competition.


Kinds and advantages

At the moment, the entire industry manages only two types of actuators : linear and rotation devices. In the first case, the products are solutions that provide the conversion of mechanical energy into linear movement. Often this process is used to produce mechanical energy from electrical energy. The unit itself is created from metal and plastic to provide high practicality and resistance to any aggressive damage. In specialized stores they can be purchased in horizontal and vertical versions. Benefits:

  • Practicality;
  • Long term of operation;
  • Resistance to the most extreme conditions.

The principle of operation of rotation actuators is somewhat different from the first option. The peculiarity of the operation of this component is that the lower the gear ratio of the gears of the gearbox, the higher the speed and less torque. To optimize the parameters of products, several variants of gearboxes have been developed that can solve a variety of problems. Thanks to this, they find their application in household appliances, various industries, electric power industry, etc. They are used in almost all spheres of human life. In an industrial environment, devices are used to automate technological processes and equipment. Often these are compact units with high power ratings.



MEGATRONIKA is an official dealer of imported industrial and electronic equipment from well-known brands. Thanks to many years of experience, the company cooperates with leading manufacturers of quality products that have high technical characteristics and parameters. In the MEGATRONIKA catalog, you can choose a first-class device at an affordable price, as well as choose a similar product if the original product does not fit. In order to buy a product, it is enough to fill out an application online or contact the company manager by telephone. Delivery is available throughout Russia and the CIS.


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