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Smart Automation Machine

  • Product Name: Robotic Arm
  • Type: Fully Automatic
  • Function: Polishing
  • Horizonal Travel: 2500 mm
  • Weight: 3000 kg
  • Dimension: 5000 × 5000 × 2000 mm
  • Power: 15 W
  • Vertical Travel: 90 mm
  • Certification: ROHS/U.L/CCC/VDE/CCC/SGS/ISO, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Package: Outer Package

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Today’s requirements for the organization of production require the introduction of advanced technologies at almost every stage. This greatly facilitates many processes and largely determines the success of any company. In addition, automation the company represents a certain factor that indicates that the organization is developing, modernizing and using new developments in practice. Linear or combined control and management devices were created in order to replace the physical labor of a person with a more practical and effective option. Automated systems help organize production based on the latest advances in technology. The use of any innovative solutions guarantee the success of any business, which is especially important in the harsh conditions of competition in the global market.



Automation allows you to monitor production, in which the right amount of products will be produced in minimum time and at minimum cost. Exercising control over the manufacture of industrial or food products, it will form a shift task for each worker, analyze the data that is received every minute and systematize the indicators. Based on these parameters, a complete formation of the control and adjustment algorithm is carried out in order to create the most comfortable working conditions for the enterprise. Benefits:

  • Automatic coordination of the production process;
  • Visual analysis of the status of all production units;
  • Provides maximum speed;
  • Stores information in secure servers;
  • Increases the capacity of the institution;
  • Saves time and money.


In order to meet the requirements of modern engineering, many companies create their own nodes and develop solutions that are suitable only for the characteristics of a particular institution. This allows you to develop an impeccable control and management scheme, include all the blocks used at the main stages, as well as conduct detailed analysis and surgical intervention in processes that have been violated or are not being performed correctly. Today, there are many manufacturers specializing in the creation and development of individual components and complete automation systems that are actively used in various spheres of human life. Thanks to this, the general industrial market has undergone tremendous modifications in just a few decades.



MEGATRONIKA company is an official dealer of imported goods and components for industrial purposes, which are necessary to create similar devices. High-quality equipment from leading manufacturers is popular all over the world, due to its impeccable characteristics and technical indicators. In order to order goods, it is necessary to fill out an application on the MEGATRONIKA website. Choose a suitable device, get acquainted with its features, and after a certain time the manager will contact the customer to discuss the details of the order. If the proposed option is not suitable for any reason, the employee will help you choose a high-quality analogue that is not inferior in terms of the parameters of the original product. Delivery is available throughout Russia and the CIS.


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