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Pressure Sensitive Micro Switch

  • Protection Level: IP67
  • Max.Current: 15 A
  • Max.Voltage: 380 V
  • Rating: 0.1A, 125/250 VAC
  • Electrical Life: 50, 000 cycles
  • Mechanical Life: 1, 000, 000 cycles
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C – +85°C
  • Storage Humidity: 85% RH Max
  • Certification: ROHS/U.L/CCC/VDE/CCC/SGS/ISO
  • Package: Outer Package

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Switches or switches are devices that are used in radio engineering to switch electrical circuits. The operation of the entire radio device and the correctness of the receipt of data will depend on the operability of these components.

Switch Design Features

The design of this device consists of 2 main elements: a pair of contacts, as well as a closing / opening mechanism. Contacts are made of various materials, namely platinum, silver, gold, bronze, tungsten and brass. They come in all kinds of shapes: cylindrical, flat-spherical, flat-conical.

Electronic switches

Devices of this type are made on the basis of integrated circuits, various electronic components, including transistors. As a rule, only one button is used to control them, by clicking on which the device can be turned on / off. Often, electronic switching devices are installed in controllers that are responsible for managing all kinds of equipment functions.

Electromechanical switches

The switches of this variety differ in design and purpose of use:

  • Cross over. In another way, devices are also called toggle switches, they are the most famous switches on the domestic market. Their spring-lever design is characterized by the most reliable coupling of the contact group, which allows the mechanism to function smoothly.
  • Rotary. Such devices include a group of contacts, a rotary axis, are produced with a different number of positions. Most often they are used in automated systems, measuring instruments, electrical circuits. These switches are popular due to manufacturability, tightness, and duration of operation.
  • Keyboards This is a type of switch actuator with a key activator. They are used everywhere, namely in household appliances, computers, as well as in other equipment. Devices are mounted separately or form a control panel. In addition, they can be backlit with LED lamps. Switches differ in the degree of protection, some of them are intended only for indoor use, while others work in an open space in conditions of high humidity.
  • DIP switches. Such devices are in most cases used in industrial electronic devices and household appliances. They differ in the presence of a one-piece housing with one or more contact groups.

Purchase of equipment

You can purchase reliable electrical equipment and other equipment for use in enterprises at the MEGATRONIKA ​​company. We supply high-quality devices from well-known world brands, for the greater safety of our customers we provide a mandatory product warranty. At the same time, cargo delivery is carried out in St. Petersburg, cities of Russia and CIS countries.


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