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Circuit Breakers

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

  • Model Number: AM1 – 250L / 3300
  • Type: Moulded Case, AM1 – 250 L
  • Rated Current: 100, 125, 160, 180, 220, 225
  • Rated Insulating Voltage: 800 V
  • Rated Operating Voltage: 400 V
  • Arcingover Distance: ≤ 50;
  • Ultimate Short Circuit Breaking Capacity: 35
  • Service Short Circuit Breaking Capacity: 22
  • Utilization Categoty: A
  • Certification: ROHS/U.L/CCC/VDE/CCC/SGS/ISO,CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Package: Outer Package

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Uninterrupted and safe operation of electrical equipment is extremely important both at home and on an industrial scale. It depends on how accurately and efficiently the production processes that are important for creating high-quality equipment or products will go through. Many leading companies use innovative designs of electrical elements in order to organize an uninterrupted workflow and prevent the occurrence of any emergency or dangerous situations. Circuit breakers today is no longer news, however, they still have not lost their relevance in the issue of labor safety. These products are compact devices that can increase comfort and productivity. This is achieved through a fully automated warning system and control of any processes.

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Automatic devices are electrical switching devices that are designed to conduct circuit current in normal conditions and for automated protection of networks and equipment. There can be any abnormal conditions of the network that occur during a short circuit, network overload, voltage drop or complete disappearance, change in current direction, as well as for infrequent switching of rated currents. Due to its convenience, safety and ease of operation , the circuit breakers are widely used in large and low power installations. In most cases, they are equipped with manual control, but there are also devices that provide the ability to control from a distance. Any of the options is selected individually by the enterprise. Benefits:

  • Compactness;
  • Ensuring production safety;
  • Wide selection;
  • Modified designs for large institutions with increased workload;
  • High-quality production materials;
  • Latest technologies for organizations of all kinds of activities.

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Since today the requirements for the organization of a working enterprise are quite high, there are a lot of modern developments on the world market that are suitable for almost every single case: modular, industrial, devices for protecting electric motors, as well as many other solutions that were created using new engineering solutions.

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The MEGATRONIKA company offers its services to everyone who prefers to use first-class products from world brands, both for industrial purposes and at home. A catalog is published on the official website, which contains the most popular and sought-after devices with high technical characteristics. MEGATRONIKA is a leading supplier of imported equipment and components for residents of Russia and the CIS. To place an order, just fill out an application online or contact the company manager over the phone. Any product has relevant documents confirming the warranty quality from the manufacturer.


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