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Cord for sconces USH-1KV 2m with opres

plug and switch 2x0.75 chern. IEK WUP20-02-K02

  • Rated voltage: 230 V
  • Nominal conductor cross section: 1 sq. Mm
  • Number of cores: 2
  • Outer Shell Color: the black
  • With switch: Yes
  • Spiral wire: not
  • Weight g: 127.2

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Power cord Cord for sconces USH-1KV 2m with opres.

Nom. number 8001535222
Manufacturer Iek
Rated voltage 230 V
Nominal conductor cross section 1 sq. Mm
Number of cores 2
Outer Shell Color the black
With switch Yes
Spiral wire not
Weight g 127.2


Cord for sconces USH-1KV 2m with opres. as PVC is a thermoplastic polymer, PVC properties make it suitable for applications where the cables may be exposed. This can be due to high or low temperatures (including use of arctic-grade PVC for extreme low conditions). Or where protection against UV light is required to avoid degradation. PVC insulation is frequently used owing to its good insulating properties but low corona resistance. Moreover it is best suited for low and medium voltage cables and low frequency insulation requirements.

The 2m Cord for sconces USH-1KV 2m with opres is a good option to run your appliance with a high safety cord. It is pure copper and coated with PVC to make sure the current in insulated. Get Cord with electric with a plug now.

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