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Cu-Rofix 3-Spezial

Solder paste for fittings, 100g

    • Weight g: 120


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So Cu-Rofix 3-Spezial is Solder paste designed for soft soldering of copper pipes of drinking water and heating systems. The metal content is not less than 60%. Flux residues are easily removed with cold water. Above all you get the desired quality from us.

Its a ready-made soft solder metal paste for pre-tinning and soft soldering of copper pipe installations. Moreover based on zinc chloride and ammonium chloride in organic formulation, awarded the RAL mark of quality.  It is DVGW Technical Control Mark: DV-0101 AT 2247


  • The excellent gap filling contributes to shear strength optimisation
  • The overheating limit is high in line with the large temperature range
  • The working temperature has been achieved as of melting of the solder component
  • Optimal processing even days after application thanks to the long service life
  • The flux residues are 100% soluble in cold water and can be easily removed by flushing
Nom. number 9000268521
Manufacturer Felder
Weight g 120

Why Trust Your Business to Us?

Megatronika has QA specialist that only pass those products which fits in our quality supply demand. So Either you purchase an item from us, or sign a contract for enterprise solutions. So get now  Solder paste for fittings, 100g Cu-Rofix 3-Spezial in amazing quality and price. Find out more in our store. Also It has been developed by Felder, and we deliver the same quality that company claims.

In addition to this we will not only just provide you quality but our cost, shipping and dispatch policy is very comfortable and easy.


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