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Gas cylinder, 220g

    • Weight g: 330


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DAYREX-101, Optimum gas mixture for all-season use. Composition; isobutane 80%, butane 15%, propane 5%. Use a gas cylinder in accordance with the instruction manual for gas appliances at an ambient temperature of -20 ° C to + 35 ° C. The scope of the DAYREX DR-101 liquefied gas in portable gas appliances: stoves, burners, fixtures, heaters, grills, gas meets the European standard EN 417, the gas in the cylinder goes through a multi-stage cleaning system. When using DAYREX DR-101 gas in gas appliances, their service life is extended at least twice.

Specification DR-101

cylinder diameter (A), 70 mm

cylinder height with a protective cap (B), 196 mm

gas weight in a cylinder, 220 g

gas volume in a cylinder, 520 m

Nom. number 9000595013
Manufacturer Dayrex
Weight g 330

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