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soldering station

  • Contact soldering: montage demontage
  • Contactless soldering: not
  • Temperature display: Yes
  • Power consumption: 60
  • Series: dig2000
  • Weight, kg: 2.66

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Family of digital stations ERSA Dig2000A-Micro. The fully anti-static (MIL / ESA standard) unified control unit is equipped with a 20 W, 60 W or 80 W soldering iron, thermal tweezers or a vacuum heat pump. Moreover Microprocessor digital control (rather than analog with a display) and ERSA ultra-low-inertia heaters provide maximum thermal stability with the possibility of arbitrary expansion of the configuration by any tools from the above list.

Service functions include:

  • automatic tool recognition
  • temperature calibration for specific tips and nozzles
  • mode memory
  • password
  • temperature profile selection: “soft” asymptotic for particularly sensitive components, “hard” with possible overlaps over the target value, acceptable at high-speed soldering massive joints.

However the scope of delivery also includes an antistatic tool holder with a built-in “clip” for storing soldering tips and a movable container with a cleaning sponge.

DIGITAL2000A electronic module – used in all soldering stations of the Digital2000A series
Technical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 230 V ~, 50 60 Hz
  • Secondary voltage: 24 V ~
  • Power: 80 W
  • Temperature control: sensotronic technology with digital LED display indicator
  • Indicators: 4 LED
  • Temperature control: smooth in the range from 50 ° C to 450 ° C
  • Model: 100% antistatic design and meets the specifications of MIL SPEC / ESA

What’s more?

Digital2000A / Micro is an 80W 220V single-channel antistatic microprocessor station with digital temperature control in the range of 50 ° C 450 ° C equipped with a Dig2000A digital controller, MicroTool soldering iron with a low-inertia ceramic heater, durable 212BD tip and A29 antistatic stand. In addition to this MicroTool is optimized for surface mounting of miniature components, including microwave soldering QFP packages with small pitch. The station is 100% antistatic and meets the MIL SPEC / ESA specifications. Additionally equipped with TechTool, Pincette40, PowerTool, CU100A and MIC608A switch. Get Dig2000A-Micro now.

Micro Tool soldering iron (270BDJ)

  • Voltage: 24 V ~
  • Power output: 30 W at 280 ° C, 20 W at 350 ° C
  • Power on: 65 W
  • Warm-up time: 50 sec. up to 280 ° C
  • Replaceable tips: 212 series
  • Heating element: 21100J low-inertia ceramic
  • Model: antistatic, standard MIL SPEC / ESA
Nom. number 626055883
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
Contact soldering montage demontage
Contactless soldering not
Temperature display Yes
Power consumption 60
Series dig2000
Weight, kg 2.66


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