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Digital Oscilloscope

    • Number of analog channels: 2
    • Number of Digital Channels: not
    • Bandwidth, MHz: 70
    • Sampling Rate Per Channel: 1 GHz
    • Memory per channel: 1 million points
    • Additional functions: application modules
    • Series: mso / dpo2000b

Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels x 70MHz.

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Main technical characteristics of DPO2002B.

  • Models with a bandwidth of 200, 100 and 70 MHz
  • Models with 2 and 4 analog channels
  • 16 digital channels (MSO series)
  • Sampling rate 1 GS / s for all channels
  • Recording length of 1 million points for all channels
  • Maximum signal capture speed 5,000 waveforms per second
  • Advanced Trigger Features

Ease of
So Use The Wave Inspektor® control panel makes navigation easy and automates data retrieval
Moreover the FilterVu ™ tunable low-pass filter eliminates unwanted noise while maintaining the ability to capture high-frequency signals
29 automatic measurements, including fast Fourier transform, simplify the signal analysis.
In addition to this TekVPI® Probe Interface supports active, differential, and current probes with auto-ranging range and units of measurement.
So 7 ”(180 mm) widescreen color TFT LCD display
However small size and weight — only 134 mm in depth with 3.6 kg weight.
Therefore Five-year warranty.


In addition to this host USB 2.0 port on the front panel facilitates and accelerates data storage
However USB 2.0 port on the rear panel makes it easy to connect to a PC and a simple listing on compatible printer PictBridge® optional Ethernet 10/100 network port and video output to display screen oscilloscope on a monitor or projector. Above all you can get it now.

Additional options for triggering and analyzing serial bus signals
Moreover options for automatic triggering, decoding, and searching for I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, and RS 232/422/485 / UART serial buses.

Designing and analyzing mixed-signal devices (MSO series)
So Auto-triggering, decoding and searching for parallel bus signals.
multi-channel triggering by installation and retention time.

Nom. number 9000153297
A type digital
Number of analog channels 2
Number of Digital Channels not
Bandwidth, MHz 70
Sampling Rate Per Channel 1 GHz
Memory per channel 1 million points
Additional functions application modules
Series mso / dpo2000b
State registry Yes
Weight g 5.96
Manufacturer Tektronix

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