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Digital Oscilloscope

    • Number of analog channels: 2
    • Number of Digital Channels: not
    • Bandwidth, MHz: 100
    • Sampling Rate Per Channel: 1 GHz
    • Memory per channel: 1 million points
    • Additional functions: application modules
    • Series: mso / dpo2000b

Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels x 100MHz.

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Main technical characteristics of DPO2012B.
Models with a bandwidth of 200, 100 and 70 MHz
Models with 2 and 4 analog channels
In addition to this it has 16 digital channels (MSO series)
Sampling rate 1 GS / s for all channels
Recording length of 1 million points for all channels
Also, it has Maximum signal capture speed 5,000 waveforms per second
Therefore all the Advanced Trigger Features

Ease of

Use The Wave Inspektor® control panel makes navigation easy and automates data retrieval
The FilterVu ™ tunable low-pass filter eliminates unwanted noise while maintaining the ability to capture high-frequency signals
29 automatic measurements, including fast Fourier transform, simplify the signal analysis.
In addition to this, TekVPI® Probe Interface supports active, differential, and current probes with auto-ranging range and units of measurement.
Hence 7 ”(180 mm) widescreen color TFT LCD display.
However you get Small size and weight — only 134 mm in depth with 3.6 kg weight
Therefore we are offering you Five-year warranty.

host USB 2.0 port on the front panel facilitates and accelerates data storage
Moreover USB 2.0 port on the rear panel makes it easy to connect to a PC and a simple listing on compatible printer PictBridge® optional Ethernet 10/100 network port and video output to display screen. oscilloscope on a monitor or projector

Additional options for triggering and analyzing serial bus signals
Options for automatic triggering, decoding, and searching for I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, and RS 232/422/485 / UART serial buses.

Designing and analyzing mixed-signal devices (MSO series)
Auto-triggering, decoding and searching for parallel bus signals.
multi-channel triggering by installation and retention time.

Nom. number 9000153299
A type digital
Number of analog channels 2
Number of Digital Channels not
Bandwidth, MHz 100
Sampling Rate Per Channel 1 GHz
Memory per channel 1 million points
Additional functions application modules
Series mso / dpo2000b
State registry Yes
Weight g 5.7
Manufacturer Tektronix

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