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PWM current controller

  • Transducer type: flyback
  • The maximum frequency of the converter, kHz: 300
  • Maximum converter duty cycle, %: 95
  • Failure protection: over temp./volt
  • Management features: frequency control, soft start
  • Operating temperature, ° C: -25 … + 125
  • Case: dip-8 (0.300 inch)

PWM current controller with programmable frequency [DIP-8]

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The FAN7601N is a green programmable frequency current mode PWM controller. It is specially designed for the off-line adapter application and the auxiliary power supplies which require high efficiency at a light load and no load. The internal high voltage start-up switch and the burst mode reduce the power loss. The FAN7601 includes some protections such as latch protection and over voltage protection. The latch protection can be used for over voltage  protection and/or thermal protection and so on. And the soft start prevents the output voltage over shoot at start up

Nom. number 9000022314
Pr-in Fairchild
Transducer type flyback
The presence of an internal switch yes
The maximum frequency of the converter, kHz 300
Maximum converter duty cycle, % 95
Failure protection over temp./volt.
Management features frequency control, soft start
Operating temperature, ° C -25 … + 125
Case dip-8 (0.300 inch)
Weight, g 1
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor

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