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  • Weight g: 2

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Photodiodes FD263-01 structure rn with a photosensitive element with dimensions of 3×3 mm. Designed for use in photoelectronic automation. The FD-263 photodiode is designed to operate in the photo-generating mode, and the FD-263-01 photodiode.

The FD-263 devices are decorated in a metal-glass case with a flat entrance window and hard tinned wire leads, and the FD-263-01 in a plastic case with a window in the form of a spherical lens and hard stamped tinned leads.

The cathode output of the FD-263 device is marked with a black dot on the housing, while the FD-263-01 device is elongated. The mass of the FD-263 is not more than 3 g, and the FD-263-01 is 2 g.

The main technical parameters of the FD-263-01 photodiode are:

  • The size of the photosensitive element: diameter is 9 mm;
  • Area of ​​spectral photosensitivity: 0.4 … 1.1 microns;
  • The wavelength of the maximum spectral distribution of photosensitivity: 0.8 … 0.9 microns;
  • Rated operational voltage: 12 V;
  • Dark current: not more than 0.1 nA;
  • Current photosensitivity: not less than 0.12 A / W
Nom. number 527960781
Manufacturer Russia
Weight g 2

FD-263-01 photo diodes of structure r-n with a photosensitive element the sizes of 3×3 mm.

It is intended for application in photoelectronic automatic equipment.

The FD-263 photo diode is intended for work in the photogenerating mode, and FD-263-01 – in photodiode.

FD-263 devices are issued in the metalglass case with a flat entrance window and rigid wire tinned conclusions, and FD-263-01 – in the plastic case with a window in the form of a spherical lens and rigid stamped tinned conclusions.
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