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Fluke 1651

Electrical Installation Tester

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Fluke 1651 Series testers perform safety checks on electrical installations in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Moreover they allow you to verify the safety and proper installation of fixed wiring in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60364, HD 384 and the relevant Russian standards.

The advanced and patented technologies for measuring the tripping current and the tripping time of the RCD guarantee consistent results after many tests;

Simplicity: turn on the device, press the button and view the results;

Convenience: compact and lightweight (weight less than 1.2 kg), the device is in a durable ergonomic case, equipped with a strap for carrying on the neck;

Strength: withstands drop from a height of one meter, which meets the requirements for use in the field.

Moreover it is possible to carry out safe measurements with one hand using a probe with remote control to run the test.

What’s more?

Testing of various types of RCD; Testing with additional grounding conductors;

So user selectable level of safe contact voltage of 50 or 25 Volts;

The device’s built-in protection circuit does not allow testing of a live circuit;

Different test voltage levels of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 Volts are suitable for testing insulation of all installations, including telecommunication ones (depending on model);

Clear indication of test voltage;

Dual display provides simultaneous reading of mains voltage and frequency;

Auto discharge function allows you to quickly and safely remove

electric charge in capacitive circuits;

The auto-zeroing function, which saves time, subtracts the resistance of the terminals during measurements (and saves it in memory even after a power outage);

Simultaneous display of the loop impedance;

Rapid phase rotation testing in three-phase systems;

Measurements on a 3-wire circuit to improve accuracy;

Testing RCDs sensitive to direct current and RCDs with a delayed response (Fluke 1652 and 1653 models only);

Resolution 0.01 Ohm when measuring the parameters of the ground loop;

Indication of the quality of the connection of conductors;

The ability to measure the loop impedance without tripping an RCD, without the need to turn it off

Also it comes with auto zero to subtract resistance from test results from measurements;

Function of automatic sequential change of modes for fast testing of RCDs (only models Fluke 1652 and 1653);

RCD trip current measurement by ramp current (Fluke 1652 and 1653 models only);

Conductor connection check indication for added safety;

Moreover it is Compliance with standards: Meets all relevant standards, including EN 61557 and VDE 0413.

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